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OpenLink AJAX Toolkit

OAT (OpenLink AJAX Toolkit) offers a broad Javascript-based, browser-independent widget set for building rich user interfaces on all common browsers. It comes with sample applications for interactive SQL query composition and database design. These applications work against any Microsoft XML for Analysis (XML/A) servers, such as OpenLink Virtuoso and others.

Recent releases

  •  20 Mar 2008 20:49

    Release Notes: This release includes a new RDF browser application (now embeddable in Web pages) and updates to the iSPARQL application. There are enhancements and updates to the APIs for a++, Anchor, Dereference, Grid, Notify, RDFstore and RDFtabs, Tagcloud, Timeline, Tree, WebDav, and Win. The Google Maps API has been updated. The demonstrations use these new APIs and all the documentation have been updated. Absolute paths have been removed in favor of relative ones within the source tree, among other minor bugfixes.

    •  12 Dec 2007 16:57

      Release Notes: This release includes a new OAT.Win API / style, a new Linked Data Resource save option for physical and virtual RDF Graphs from DESCRIBE or CONSTRUCT iSPARQL Queries, and support for multiple protocol schemes (lsid, doi, oai, and urn, alongside http and more demonstrations). There are enhancements to a++ links and styles, the RDF-browser and iSPARQL applications, and the UI. There are fixes to URI parsing, N3 proxy support, loading path, parsing the month in the timeline control, the speed of drawing piecharts, and other minor bugfixes.

      •  01 Aug 2007 13:50

        Release Notes: This release includes the following new Semantic Data Web technologies: a JavaScript-based Fresnel processor, enabling declarative display templates for RDF Data Sources; an XSLT template for producing HTML from the Fresnel processor; Interactive Query Builder for SPARQL (iSPARQL) with support for INSERTs and DELETEs; an enhanced N3/Turtle parser; and new Navigator UI for the OAT RDF Browser. Other fixes and enhancements were made. Additionally, there is a new OAT.Notify widget and notification service, facilitating real-time tracking of data sources similar to services such as Yowl and Growl.

        •  27 Jun 2007 17:32

          Release Notes: This version adds an SVG-based visual SPARQL Query builder ("iSPARQL") to the collection of OAT-based applications. It includes aesthetic enhancements to the OAT RDF Browser: a "Navigator" viewer panel alongside new features such as an 'RDF-mini' mode comprising dynamic dock-able RDF data channels. Minor updates include a reworked Grid widget (with column auto-size and better browser compatibility), an N3/Turtle parser, abortable AJAX calls, and individual throbber animations as demonstrated in the updated WebDAV browser.

          •  22 May 2007 17:15

            Release Notes: This release introduces a greatly enhanced RDF Browser application (a new image and navigation tab, search, complete permalinks, and map geocoding). It has AJAX security enhancements and a rewritten WebDAV Browser. Other changes include new OAT.Event, OAT.Browser, and OAT.Style APIs, a rich XML library with XSLT parameters and XML serialization, improved performance, tab undocking, dragging indicators for Tree, dots in OAT.Tree, and rewritten combo widgets.


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