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Nx2 is a somewhat complex Web application that acts as a frontend to music databases. Based on XUL, it runs in Gecko based browsers such as Firefox. Built on this idea is a client/server model where several Nx2 frontends can connect to each other, creating a way to link together databases on different networks.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Jan 2011 18:07

    Release Notes: A new and almost instant find-as-you-type filter for the directory list. The built in search engine has been improved, and should now work more like one would expect it to. A bug introduced in beta14 that could summarize the data for similar directories incorrectly has been resolved.

    •  15 Dec 2010 22:40

      Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs, no longer crashes on bleeding edge PHP installations, and the configuration value NX2_IP now works as (and overrides) /etc/hosts.

      •  02 Apr 2010 09:48

        Release Notes: A major upgrade of the internal connection framework was done. This should fix some of the network issues a few people have been experiencing. A new configuration value, NX2_IP, has been added to the configuration file for servers that are unable to resolve the hostname due to a bad DNS or proxy settings. Experimental support for the Personas extension has been removed since it broke Nx2 in various interesting ways when running on SeaMonkey.

        •  11 Mar 2010 19:21

          Release Notes: This release optimizes all RDF data queries in size with up to a 10% decrease by using a default XML namespace. In plain English this means "stuff loads faster", especially with large datasets on slower networks.

          •  01 Feb 2010 23:03

            Release Notes: A problem where the tracks column reported the number of directories instead of files was corrected along with a somewhat obscure bug wherein a tree node appearing twice with and without umlauts would render an empty cell.


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