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30 Nov 2005 08:14 gois

Wow, I think you just managed to distract me from my "work" for quite a long time. This is awesome. Thanks.

24 Feb 2005 05:43 Pinzari

Free server now available
Please check FreeNX: (

10 May 2004 09:46 pipitas

NX/NoMachine is terrific!

I keep going from one surprise to the next.

Having tested your latest snapshot releases, you seem to have added even more speed gains to this terrific software you have developed.

I am now looking forward to your 1.3.2 and 1.4 releases. NX is truely awesome!

I wish you all the best. Keep going.



11 Jan 2004 05:37 Pinzari

Re: Free server?

> Is there somebody that has found a way to use their
> GPLed software to build a free server?

You can already do whatever the commercial NX

is doing by running the GPL components on the


Here is a document explaining how to put the different

together: <a

An OSS version of both the client GUI and the server

are going to be developed as part of the KDE
project with

the full support of NoMachine. Here is the


11 Sep 2003 05:01 noxide

Free server?
Is there somebody that has found a way to use their GPLed software to build a free server? I searched on google but couldn't find anything.

11 Sep 2003 04:56 noxide

NX with Win4Lin
I've Win4Lin ( on one of my computers at office. I installed NX server on the same computer and I can now run Windows from home, through dial-up. It works better than the native RDP support I tested on XP.

10 Sep 2003 07:16 CherryDaw

This is the fastest remote desktop solution I have ever tried.
I ran it side by side with Citrix and NX is faster, at least running
X11 desktops. The fact they include a fully functional X server
for Windows and a SSH client also makes it a good replacement
for Exceed.

13 Apr 2003 02:53 brainless

NX Core is Open-Sourced

Although the NX is commercialware, the NX Core is GPL (

The Source Files ( are available.


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