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Release Notes: Support for bttv-0.9.x was added. v4l2 support was improved. Support for ffmpeg-0.4.6-release was added. Various cleanups and fixes were made.

Release Notes: The "-half" option was removed from DIVX4rec. A global "-vr {framerate}" option was added, which uses a drop/dup mechanism to match your desired framerate. A linebob deinterlacer has been added. The 2GB limit on AVI files has been removed (on systems with large file support). A number of typos have been fixed.

Release Notes: "mcplay" has been updated to play xvid encoded streams. The URL handling of the various mc tools has been standardized. "mcstats" has been added to give bandwidth stats on a stream. The audio stretcher control algorithm has been documented and tuned (test reports are welcome). A possible overflow (causing streaming to break after 6 continuous days) has hopefully been fixed.

Release Notes: Major improvements were made to the streaming player. Audio and video playback are much smoother. A preliminary port of the player to Cygwin was added.

Release Notes: NUVrec was updated to Nuppelvideo 0.52 file format, ffmpeg documentation was updated, and file opens are now handled consistently.

Release Notes: This version adds support for the xvid codec to DIVX4rec, and standardises a number of command line options.

Release Notes: This release adds a deinterlacer for those with lots of CPU power to spare and fixes a bug in the timer.

Release Notes: A few cleanups and architectural enhancements have been made. Bugfixes have been made in TCP streaming. A configuration file parser, and mixer controls (when used together with config files, it can be used to automatically configure recording source and gain) were added.

Release Notes: A small core rewrite was made that allows some video codecs to work with different input formats on different capture cards. Some capture cards that didn't work before may work now. Streaming support has been enhanced to allow TCP connections to the server. This makes it easier to view the stream on remote networks. Some code cleanups were made.

Release Notes: Lots of features/bugfixes. DIVXrec now accepts "quality" and "keyrate" controls. qt2divx has basic editing capabilities. Now uses autoconf to build reliably on different systems. Programs report detailed usage information. RTErec may work better now. See the ChangeLog for all details.


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