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N-View is a network monitor for small and medium-sized networks. It features automatic scanning of subnets for host addresses, monitoring of ICMP responses from all hosts, signalling of timeouts and delays in the GUI and by mail, a portscanner, an SNMP client (MIB browser and trap receiver), a graphical display of network traffic for network interfaces, connectivity to hosts by telnet, HTTP browser, or an arbitrary external program (such as ssh), printing of network diagrams, automatic generation of HTML pages, and more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Aug 2005 19:06

    Release Notes: This release contains all enhancements from previous beta releases. New features are a MIB parser for importing SNMP OIDs, ICMP sending and receiving with native libraries (precompiled for Windows, Linux x86 and Solaris x86 and SPARC), a "Snap to Grid" function for desktop icons, external commands for all kinds of events, easy to use install scripts for Windows, Linux, and Solaris 10, dynamic IP addressing for hosts, and much more. The SNMP Browser and traffic grapher use SNMP 1, 2c, or 3 now.

    •  19 May 2005 21:03

      Release Notes: The "Host Properties Dialog" has been enhanced to accept hosts with dynamic IP addresses. Hosts can now be manually added to a subnet using their hostname rather then their IP address only. The system will resolve and display the IP addresses of hosts with the "Dynamic IP" property using DNS each time a host is checked. This way, hosts configured by DHCP or resolved by DynDNS can now be monitored properly.

      •  22 Apr 2005 17:08

        Release Notes: The SNMP browser and the traffic sampler have been enhanced to handle the SNMPv3 protocol with user authentication and privacy. A little bug in the native libraries for Solaris and Linux that caused a crash when running on multiprocessor machines has been fixed.

        •  21 Feb 2005 22:42

          Release Notes: In this beta release, a MIB parser was added. The internal repository for SNMP OIDs can be completed by parsing additional MIB definition files, which are provided by network equipment vendors. The completed OID repository can be stored and restored within the network settings files. This OID repository can be transferred between several network settings by parsing those *.nvw files, where network settings with custom OIDs are stored.

          •  04 Feb 2005 10:45

            Release Notes: This release has a complete new SNMP engine and supports SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c now. Because of its considerable performance improvements, more traffic graphs can be shown at the same time.

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            22 Mar 2009 19:48 wibblywobblyteapot

            Actually trialware - download a key for 30 days etc.


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