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Nvclock allows you to tweak your Nvidia card under Linux and FreeBSD. It features overclocking, hardware monitoring, tweaking of OpenGL settings, and much more.

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Recent releases

  •  05 Jan 2009 11:13

    Release Notes: This version adds support for the latest GT200 cards from Nvidia and significantly improves functionality for Geforce8/9 hardware. First of all, it adds smartdimmer (backlight control) for various Geforce8/9 laptops. Second, it gives more accurate temperature information and offers fanspeed adjustment support on Geforce8/9 hardware. In addition, it offers many more fixes and small improvements.

    •  04 Jan 2008 21:29

      Release Notes: This version adds Geforce8 support, contains a rewritten low-level Geforce6/7 overclocking backend [experimental], and adds BIOS PLL table parsing for Geforce6/7/8 cards. It has fan speed adjustments for 8800 cards equipped with ADT7473 chips, support for additional Geforce7 AGP cards, and support for more NV-CONTROL OpenGL settings in GTK. It fixes many bugs, including pipeline and Quadro faking issues.

      •  01 Aug 2006 06:32

        Release Notes: This version features lots of bugfixes and support for the GeForce 7300/7600/7800GS/7900, Smartdimmer support for 7600Go laptops, fan speed adjustment support for 7600/7800GS/7900 cards, support for ADT7473/W83781D sensors, PCI ID modding support, fan speed adjustment and temperature fixes for NV3x/NV4x boards, pipeline modding fixes, BIOS parsing fixes, and improved experimental low-level overclocking and clock reading for NV4x/G7x boards.

        •  30 Aug 2005 18:43

          Release Notes: This version is a huge improvement over 0.7 but might contain various bugs due to all newly added features: GeforceFX/6/7 support (Coolbits and low-level); pipeline modding for NV4x cards; smartdimmer support for 6200Go-based laptops; hardware monitoring for LM99/MAX6659/F75375S/W83L785R chipsets; support for internal NV43/NV44/NV47 temperature sensors; fan speed adjustment for FX5900/6600GT/6800GT boards and some sensors; OpenGL options using the NV-CONTROL extension; a rewritten GTK2 interface; BIOS parsing (GeforceFX/6/7); x86-64 support; and Windows support for debugging purposes.

          •  29 Jul 2003 17:37

            Release Notes: This release includes support for GeforceFX/QuadroFX hardware. Note that overclocking is only supported on GeforceFX5200 cards. It also contains FreeBSD support, a way to restore the original speed, an improved overclocking algorithm, AGP 8x fixes, improved laptop and Nforce support, support for NVClock in startup scripts, and finally the removal of the old GTK 1.x client.


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