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07 Jan 2004 13:48 jozwiak

Re: Almost what I want

Thanks for finding this bug in the Customary Meals function. I will release a fix as soon as I can.

Perhaps this following idea may be helpful to you. Because you can subtract foods with NUT, you can modify actual recipes on the fly. For instance, if you made a recipe for a beef meatloaf, but then actually cooked the same recipe with ground turkey instead, you can add the beef recipe to a meal, subtract the beef, and add ground turkey. Also, being able to subtract foods makes it easy to create a new recipe that is a modified version of an existing recipe.

Thanks for you interest,

07 Jan 2004 10:09 mikekchar

Re: Almost what I want
Hmm... That works pretty well. I have only two complaints, then :-). The usual menus only allow me 8 character identifiers. It would be nice if it could be longer (say 80 chars). Also, I can't scale the menu. So if I have a recipe for muffins that makes 6 muffins, the software will assume that I've eaten 6 muffins. However, you've inspired me to play with the program some more. Thanks for the quick response! BTW, if you enter more than 8 chars in the usual identifier, I think there's a buffer overrun. I managed to segfault it.

06 Jan 2004 20:24 jozwiak

Re: Almost what I want

You could make a recipe that presents the sugar in cups rather than the default serving unit.

I have been meaning to make the program default to grams on all screens but have not yet got around to it.

Why not use the Customary Meals feature for those recipes in which you often vary ingredients. This feature would retain the identity of the individual ingredients.

06 Jan 2004 20:08 mikekchar

Almost what I want
This program almost does what I want. It's somewhat maddeningly close. Essentially, it appears to be a good calculator for meal nutrition and it even keeps track of your nutrition over time. I'm not too keen on the menu based UI, but I understand this is a style and I can live with it.

If I could have 3 features that would make the program good for me they would be:
1) An easy way to override the serving suggestions with my own. For instance, the database uses "1 package" as the serving size for sugar. I usually measure in cups. It would be nice to be able to override this without having to fart around with the .txt files.
2) A way to default the measurements to metric. The recipe screen shows everything in oz, which are meaningless to me.
3) This is the big one -- a way to keep the recipes as recipes, and not just foods in the database.

#1 and #2 are basically convenience, but I don't think I can use the program without #3. I'll never remember what I put in each recipe, so I'll just be retyping it over and over again.

But like I said, the program is *almost* what I want and it does what it does pretty well



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