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NuSphere PhpED is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that integrates a comprehensive set of editing, debugging, profiling, and deployment tools for creating PHP-based Web applications.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Aug 2005 09:07

    Release Notes: A true Unicode editor was added. SFTP is now supported for secure uploads and downloads, and telnet and SSH terminals are supported for remote administration tasks. Code completion and code insight functionality were improved. Support for Oracle and MS SQL databases was added and a highly customizable graphical user interface and instant error analysis were implemented. Support for all PHP versions up to 4.4.0 and 5.0.4 was added. The IDE has been seamlessly integrated with Windows Shell and features extended integration with 3rd party tools.

    •  26 Aug 2004 14:19

      Release Notes: This release addresses the problems found in the application since the previous version. A couple of feature enhancements were also made. The Included Path option was added to the project settings, so now additional/external libraries can be found by PhpED code insight. Shortcuts can be assigned for activating dockable windows. PhpED 3.3.2 for Windows is provided with PHP 4.3.8. The latest PHP 5.0.1 is available as a separate package. The new version of DBG 2.16.12 supports PHP 5.0.0 and 5.0.1.

      •  23 Aug 2004 15:38

        Release Notes: Integration with 3rd party tools was enhanced. Pre-configured embedded tools like PHP documentor, HTML Tidy, and CVS client were added. Object-oriented coding support for was added PHP, HTML, or CSS code. An advanced PHP profiler was added. International character sets, including UTF-8 are supported. FTPS (TLS/SSL) and WebDAV/HTTPS (SSL) is supported. Additionally, PhpED 3.3 for Linux supports debugging of PHP5 scripts, and includes the latest version of PHP 5.0.1.

        •  11 May 2004 16:04

          Release Notes: Support for PHP5 was added: the debugger module for php5-rc2 is included. Performance and stability were improved with enhancements to PhpED's NuSOAP (NuSphere SOAP library) implementation, debugger client, and code insight feature. The included PHP version was updated to 4.3.6. The documentation was updated, and XHTML documentation was added. The PhpED manual was updated.

          •  09 Mar 2004 19:06

            Release Notes: This release can be integrated with PHP encoders, formatters, or HTML validators. Pre-configured versions of phpDocumentor and HTML Tidy are included. The FTPS (TLS/SSL) and WebDAV/HTTPS (SSL) protocols are supported. Object-oriented coding can be done for PHP, HTML, and CSS code. The code analyzer now shows all PHP classes, methods, properties, functions, and variables. An advanced PHP profiler shows the execution time for each line, function, or module of the code with precision of a tenth of a millisecond. The profiler saves all the timings among multiple sessions. Support was added for international character sets, including UTF-8.

            Recent comments

            27 Sep 2004 06:36 starrk

            PhpED Rocks
            Ease of use, great highly customizable color coding, attention here: quick access to php reference & mysql reference! Support forum is of great help. Minus: english-only user interface.

            30 Jan 2004 14:52 mikeduncan

            This is not a bad editor/ide but I had my problems. First off, the linux version is in RPM package format only which meant I had to rpm2cpio it to install on my Gentoo system. Also, and this may be because I did not use the RPM package directly, it did not pickup the correct LD_LIBRARY_PATH from /usr/local/nusphere to start the program. A little environment variable setting and I got it running.

            This IDE looks and acts alot like the Eclipse IDE which I currently use but am looking for more features. One thing I am looking for code insight for objects which is something lissing in all PHP IDEs but is something I love in other language IDEs such as JBuilder. This particular IDE does do code insight/completion, but not for objects.

            Once I got it running, I decided to change a couple of the default settings so that I could better relate to the IDE. I changed the setting for "disable code completion" from off to on. For whatever reason, when this is enabled, and I actively use it while coding the processor pegs at 100% and most of the time I have to kill -9 the app.

            Anyways, I decided to give it a 6star rating which may be a little high for a 30day trial version of this software. There is really no more features (so far as I have seen) than that which can be found in Eclipse with the PHPEclipse module. I would suggest, if you have not already, checking out PHPEclipse instead of this app.


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