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nupop is a GPLd POP3 server designed for high-performance (read: large user) enviroments running Maildir. In particular, it optimizes for the best case POP session, where a user has no new mail and is simply receiving the same UIDL/STAT information as before. It is RFC 1939 compliant and supports the optional UIDL and TOP commands.

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Recent releases

  •  26 Jun 2002 16:35

    Release Notes: The message formatter has been rewritten using lex allowing for much better control of message output. Newsletters can be rewritten on a per-user basis. Logging is prettier and more complete. Several major bugfixes were also made, notably: saving cache is better handled when user is at/near quota, and dot stuffing is now done properly on outgoing messages.

    •  18 Feb 2002 19:37

      Release Notes: A complete rewrite of user rewrite code, addition of commandline arguments, and bugfixes.

      •  07 May 2001 22:04

        Release Notes: A fix for a bug in __send_mesg that could sometimes segfault on certain byte patterns.

        •  17 Apr 2001 08:18

          Release Notes: Lots of feature additions: checking for extra '.'s in message bodies, an RFC 822 message size reporting function, message list sorting, support for the LAST command, automatic creation of maildir directories, limits on password/username attempts, and addition of UW-style "Status:" headers (some clients require it).

          •  09 Apr 2001 21:51

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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