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30 Mar 2007 15:45 stepan

It uses the BIOS...
... despite saying it does not.

--8<-- nunimbr.asm


iobase equ start-8 ;overlay some variables

ext_start equ start-4

mov AH,2 ;check for shift, ctrl, or alt

int 0x16

and AL,0xF

jz f1 ;use default if none pressed

prompt ;errors jump to command prompt

call Input


05 May 2005 15:08 thattoo

Re: fat32 support

Yes, nuni supports FAT32. Its MBR code simply runs whatever code is there to be found at the beginning of the partition.

Out of curiosity, without even using the instructions to install nuni for Linux, I tried just copying the nunimbr.bin file to a floppy's MBR.

Then I popped that otherwise blank floppy into a machine that has Windows 95 installed on a FAT32 partition. The floppy's MBR code asked me which partition to boot, I told it where Windows was, and Windows ran as usual.

It didn't work when I told it where to find Linux on the same hard drive, but I suspect it would've worked fine, had I installed grub in that partition's boot sector, not in the whole hard drive's MBR, where the floppy's MBR code wouldn't be looking for it.

So, if your access to a hard drive is already at least good enough to let you install Windows on it in the first place, and if no program on your Windows system scans the MBR and mistakes nuni's code for a virus, I think nuni can be expected to get along very nicely with your FAT32 partition.

27 Mar 2005 06:31 ico2

fat32 support
does this program support loading windows from a fat32 partition? if not then will it do in the future?



21 Nov 2000 13:48 proskin

Author's e-mail is not valid
You did a great job. Now I can buy an IDE drive of any size and I'm sure that there always be at least one bootloader that cannot be scared by BIOS bugs.
On the negative side, your e-mail doesn't work and I cannot send you patches.
First of all, please get rid of nasm. It's a pain to get an additional assembler just to compile it. It doesn't support C-style #defines and therefore cannot share headers with C files. GNU Binutils is now mature enough to compile 16-bit assembler.


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