Version 0.5.8 of Null Webmail

Release Notes: Message forwarding, paged inbox (displays 50 msgs at a time by default), raw downloading of messages (for debugging), and BCC support have been added. An SMTP response backlog bug, 'less than' and ampersand symbol displays when reading a message, case sensitivity in file attachment handling, HTML in the content frame header, and a missing \r or two have all been fixed. ftime() has been replaced with gettimeofday() for BSD.

Other releases

  •  16 Aug 2007 10:41

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  03 May 2007 09:39

Release Notes: Null default values for blank server names were fixed. Minor fixes were made to the Romanian translation. An experimental LDAP address book was added. Nesla was updated to 0.5.

  •  12 Apr 2007 09:43

Release Notes: This release adds full support for page templates via the Nesla embedded script engine. A new language interface makes all 26 languages available at runtime. Buffering has been added to Tcp (I/O is now several times faster in some cases).

  •  26 Apr 2004 11:20

Release Notes: This release fixes mangled Message-ID headers on outgoing email which prevented delivery by some MTAs. A duplicate translation of Galician was also removed.

  •  09 Apr 2004 08:49

Release Notes: This release adds autoconf support and removes a couple of compiler warnings.


Project Spotlight

General Configuration Form Manager

A minimalist Web server for configuration forms.


Project Spotlight


Tools to access to a server's filespace and printers via SMB.