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14 Feb 2002 13:49 cinnix

Easier than the alternative!!
This was actually easier to set up than trying to get a free account somewhere (i.e. HotMail), where they have you fill in all kinds of advertisement -laden forms.

14 Feb 2002 10:29 pancho72

Excellent and simple WebMail - More configuration options would be nice
I found it very easy to setup, and it works very well.

I did miss an option to setup personal options like return address and from field. Currently it uses the username and the host info of the pop or imap server for these fields, which may not always be appropriate.

The source is nice and small though, so it wasn't too difficult to hack it to serve my needs.

17 Nov 2001 02:19 jberkes

This works beautifully
I have tried many webmail clients. Most try to do very fancy things with perl and PHP and are quite slow (not to mention, a security risk with the maildrop tricks they try).

But Null Webmail is the first I have liked! And I *really* like it. Pure C, portable, fast, well-written, bewilderingly simple to set-up. Congrats, Dan Cahill ! I'm using it with apache and mod_ssl (need that extra security layer with plaintext authentication).

Excellent work. And simplicity wins again ;-)


28 Apr 2001 11:47 tictactux

httpd with PATH_INFO required
Not all web servers support/supply the PATH_INFO variable that's needed by Nullwebmail. But the code is easy to hack and it took me less than an hour to make my, er, rudimentary httpd happy.

Nice piece of software. Nice example for well-written code.


28 Apr 2001 10:45 lutzmueller

Re: Brilliant
I have been looking for a streight forward small webmail for some time and tried out many of them. This one is clearly the best and even does file attachements. It is also well written (in protable 'C') and easy to understand from the inside.

26 Apr 2001 03:39 pasnak

They're right, small, fast, complete and simple as

all get out to get up and working. Took less

than two minute to have it compiled and working.

Excellent work...


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