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Number Theoretic bc

Number Theoretic bc is a fast prototyping scripting language for use in number theory. It allows you to operate on integer numbers with arbitrary precision and to use multiple dimension associative arrays. Its grammar is nearly similar to the grammar of C or bc. It supports using user defined functions written in C++ stored in .so libraries.


Recent releases

  •  06 Oct 2000 19:33

    Release Notes: Since 0.20, major changes have occured. Operators # and #= have been changed to . and .=, the lexical analyser was rewritten in lex instead of C++, support for popt, modules, and readline, and NLS may be switched off on compile time. C-style comments were added, and shell style comments specified by # may begin on any place in the line. The parser was updated to use internal union instead of an explicitely defined one, support for initialization of static variables, rewritten hashing code (including removal of some memory leaks in the new code), many code cleanups.


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