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  •  26 Jun 2009 21:02

    Release Notes: This release introduces wish list, with which you can make a list of items you want to buy so that you don't forget. The way tasks are saved has changed, so a little fix is required if you want your active tasks to display (see wiki - change log). Some new items were added to tasks (you can now set the location, as well as a reminder X seconds/minutes/hours/days/weeks before the start time).

    •  15 May 2009 10:42

      Release Notes: URLs in format [service]://[host]/[object] (e.g. are now clickable, and will open in the default Web browser. Appearance can be changed by setting colors and fonts.

      •  11 May 2009 00:11

        Release Notes: This release fixes a bug with the default date format. It fixes a bug where the edit notify date was the current date instead of the one the user had set. Settings management has been completely reworked. It's now easy to add new settings (expect your settings to reset).


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