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nss_ldap is an RFC 2307-compliant set of C library extensions which allows X.500 and LDAP directory servers to be used as a primary source of aliases, ethers, groups, hosts, networks, protocol, users, RPCs, services and shadow passwords (instead of or in addition to using flat files or NIS).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Feb 2006 15:49

    Release Notes: RFC2307bis and paged results support are compiled in by default. New (tunable) server reconnection logic was added. Support for automounts on Solaris was added. AIX support was improved. Active Directory performance was improved. A manual page was added. Various bugfixes were made.

    •  28 Sep 2004 06:54

      Release Notes: This version adds support for expansion of nested groups (including netgroups), incremental retrieval of multi-valued attributes, and performance improvements for large groups. Berkeley DB is no longer required, there is a fix for a bug that could cause nss_ldap to crash if it reconnected to the LDAP server during a nested server, there are bugfixes for AIX, and there are various other bugfixes.

      •  29 Feb 2004 02:31

        Release Notes: This release adds better support for AIX, a fix for a potential buffer overflow in the DNS SRV code, support for netgroups, support for Kerberos security, better support for Active Directory, attribute defaults, and various bugfixes.

        •  14 Apr 2002 14:13

          Release Notes: Various bugfixes were made to improve stability and support OpenLDAP 2.x. Support for AIX was improved. New features include support for the GSS-API SASL mechanism, support for building as a 64-bit library on Solaris, and support for schema mapping and Active Directory. nss_ldap now builds with autoconf.

          •  21 Mar 2000 21:36

            Release Notes: Fixes for RFC2307bis support and clobbering parent session, and support for initgroups(), root clients to bind as a different directory identity, and asynchronous LDAP search API for enumerations.

            Recent comments

            14 Jul 1999 16:30 whitemice

            IT WORKS!
            Full LDAP integration with Linux, you can't get better than this. LDAP should be standard on all Linux distributions.


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