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nss-mdns is a plugin for the GNU Name Service Switch (NSS) functionality of the GNU C Library (glibc) which provides host name resolution via Multicast DNS (a.k.a. Zeroconf, a.k.a. Apple Rendezvous, a.k.a Apple Bonjour). This effectively allows name resolution by common Unix/Linux programs in the ad-hoc mDNS domain .local.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 May 2007 18:09

    Release Notes: This version was ported to FreeBSD. The SPARC port was fixed.

    •  02 Jan 2007 03:58

      Release Notes: This release unexports a few symbols from the shared objects, thus fixing a segfault when used from Samba. It fixes a potential endless loop in the packet parsing code. Build defaults have been changed to build a safer, smaller version of nss-mdns by default.

      •  30 Apr 2006 07:06

        Release Notes: A build time option was added to disable "legacy unicast" mDNS requests, meaning that requests will resolve exclusively with Avahi. A special "minimal" flavor of the shared objects was built to minimize unnecessary name lookup timeouts. IPv6 resolving when using Avahi was fixed.

        •  20 Nov 2005 05:29

          Release Notes: A portability patch for ARM was applied. The code was inspected to make sure that no messages are printed to STDERR. OOM situations are dealt with properly. If multiple addresses are assigned to the same interface, a query packet is sent only once. Other cleanups were done.

          •  22 Aug 2005 00:39

            Release Notes: Honours the search list from /etc/resolv.conf. Tries to contact a running Avahi daemon to make use of its superior cache.

            Recent comments

            12 Feb 2013 05:15 JensJorgensen

            My patch to return scope_id for IPv6 addresses is here:


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