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Windows support and Git

Finally, nSnake now works on Microsoft Windows!

Of course i prefer GNU/Linux systems, but now there won’t be any excuses not to play this game ;)

I was amazed by how simple it was to do it. Thanks to PDCurses (a curses port to Windows), all i had to do was include it’s header (curses.h) and recompile nSnake with the -lpdcurses flag. Also, to run, nSnake.exe needs pdcurses.dll.

I’ll try to merge them into a single standalone executable later.

Other big news, nSnake now joins the Git Side of the Force. I had no special reasons to use it instead of Mercurial or Subversion.

It is now so much easier to implement a new feature, reverse the code in case something goes wrong and keep track of changes to the source… And the most amazing thing ever: anyone can browse the source code online!

Thanks to SourceForge, Google Code and GitHub! I’ll always keep them refreshed with the newest changes.

Speaking of changes, i didn’t made a release yet because of some bugs i need to fix. But expect great changes on the next release! If you’re curious, visit the TODO file to see some of the features i plan to implement.


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