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Name Server Configurator

NSC is a set of utilities for easy administration of DNS servers. You write very simple configuration files and NSC automatically generates zone files, reverse zone files, and configuration for the BIND. Among other things, it also supports classless reverse delegations and IPv6 addressing. NSC is written in POSIX shell and GNU M4, and it should run on all systems where these two languages are available. Generation of DNS daemon config files is currently limited to BIND 8 or 9, but it's very easy to add your own config file generators for other daemons.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Oct 2011 21:00

    Release Notes: NSC can be now integrated with other fragments of BIND configuration files, making it easier to configure authoritative-only, forwarding-only, and multi-view servers. This has brought several incompatible changes to the syntax of the domain files, hence the increase in major version number. Several other features have been added, most notably that zone serial numbers are no longer incremented if the generated contents of the zone did not change.

    •  21 May 2008 20:21

      Release Notes: The scripts have been updated to run with recent versions of GNU m4. Support for RP, TXT, and SRV records has been added.

      •  20 Feb 2005 13:45

        Release Notes: This version has been released after a long period of beta-testing without any bugs found. It contains all new features from version 2.99b and the ability to add custom zone options.

        •  21 Dec 2003 15:05

          Release Notes: This is a pre-release of NSC 3.0. The whole package has been rewritten. It's now much cleaner and easier to use, and it also supports IPv6 and different kinds of classless delegations. The code looks stable, but since it has not been tested on many name servers yet, it should be considered beta.

          •  11 Sep 1999 13:26

            Release Notes: Several bugs squashed, added two new tools for conversion of DNS zones to NSC domain files and simple checker of zone delegation.


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