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NQXML is a pure Ruby implementation of a non-validating XML processor. It includes an XML tokenizer, a SAX-style streaming XML parser, a DOM-style tree parser, an XML writer, and a context-sensitive callback mechanism.

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  •  25 Nov 2001 03:48

Release Notes: ExternalID, SystemExternalID, and PublicExternalID classes were added. Doctype and EntityTag objects now hold an ExternalID object instead of a string. Element, Attlist, and Notation classes are no longer subclasses of EntityTag, but some args for these three will be stored in a new string attribute named argString until the classes are implemented correctly. A new test script (oasis.rb) runs NQXML over the OASIS test XML files. It reports conformance and, with the -v flag, outputs error traces for each error. OASIS files are not included in the distribution.

  •  20 Nov 2001 01:06

Release Notes: Eight-bit characters are now allowed in text data and entity tag names. NQXML::XMLDecl now properly reads and writes the encoding and standalone attributes. DOCTYPE PUBLIC now quotes the first public ID correctly. The regex used to find name tokens has been fixed, and legal 8-bit chars have been added. The tokenizer has been speeded up a tiny bit.

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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