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20 Sep 2002 10:12 Cagliostro

autocheck isn't auto - checking
Hi there

I've got the prob that autocheck doesn't start.
I've got an interval of 300 sec, timeout 60 sec, monitoring only 3 hosts with 5 ports. I would like to screw down the interval to one minute, but ...

If i call AutoCheck manually, it works well. I'm using V0.54 stable.

Other question: How to test the mail function?

Any ideas around?

26 Apr 2002 15:08 sserv

Bugreport: function SendMail
Line 336:
my $mail = new Mail::Mailer sendmail;

Line 338:
my $from = $Myname.' <'.($< || 'root').'@'.($hostname || $ENV{'HOSTNAME'} || 'localhost').'>';

Line 342:

26 Apr 2002 15:01 sserv

Feature Request: Execute Scripts in AutoRecheck
I'd like to execute scripts (like the sample_http) in
the autorecheck interval and diplay result (good/bad)
in the host overview (Default: Basic or Default: List).

So I'd be able to regularly check the http-response, not only
if the port is still listening.


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