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  •  04 Dec 2009 22:59

    Release Notes: Miscellaneous feature enhancements and improvements.

    Release Notes: The Custom Code Hooks plug-in now has a quick access button on the Invoices and Service Order screens. The Price edit page now includes an "order by" option. Enhanced system ability to handle import and export of inventory items. Code to make sure the current date is 10 characters long regardless of input. Vacation and sick leave accrued and used are now available via the Timeclock plug-in. Retrieval of correct weather data from Yahoo for non-US locations has been fixed, as Yahoo changed their method calls. Tight registration on B2B and Pricelist internal quotes now calculates the same.

    •  14 Nov 2009 02:09

    Release Notes: Support for possible future e-commerce integration with Googlebase. Detail trial balance pulls a more accurate Sales YTD total. An updated Quickbooks converter with a default inventory GL account if none is assigned. Check incrementing is turned off when trying to write an unprocessed $0.00 check. The User Activity Monitor add-on provides better support for tracking check writing. The Alternative Inventory Sales History Report is driven from shipments, not invoice line items. This release allows mass editing of item prices. There is a new Proforma Invoice add-on for service orders, showing hours and amounts.

    Release Notes: Upon shipping, leftover committed inventory is now canceled. RMA improvements when returning item(s) to stock. Edited preapproved bills now properly cancel the preapproval to prevent checks of incorrect amounts. More clarification of the message for bill preapproval functions. The ability to mass-change the item assigned category to a new category. A warned when deleting an item category with associated items. Code to support upcoming Google Base integration. Creation of a PO for a vendor with no vendor item record uses more accurate conversion factors. Shows active/inactive on the Physical Inventory List.

    •  13 Oct 2009 17:20

    Release Notes: Fine-tuning for rounding in the items sales history report. Display of PO status has been added to service orders. B2B accounts can no longer be created for inactive companies. Functionality for creation of FDF files. Tightened up processes for customer-item discounts. An issue with on PO reporting for quick item popup has been fixed. A change to quote where the minimum charge for paper was not properly adding. Canceling invoices now properly affects applicable item transactions. Consistency changes and fixes for counts made to inventory reports. The item conversion report now properly exports to spreadsheet format.

    •  29 Sep 2009 20:24

    Release Notes: Inventory reports now have an option for showing active/inactive items. Functionality has been added to vendor checking accounts. The inventory sales history report now has a column displaying cost. AP bills are now able to be tracked by creation date. Weighted average cost now supports negative inventory. Invoices now provide better support for freight taxes. Many additional tweaks and enhancements have been added.

    Release Notes: This release adds a Point-of-Sale link to the menu. A plugin to handle advanced user rights has been developed. There is a menu link for group user rights. An issue preventing the open order page from filtering properly has been fixed. The query to pull email address(es) from customer records has been fixed. The ability to run open order reports for a specific sales category has been added. Weight displayed on items has been changed to be broken into where weight was greater than the original piece. Fulfillment quotes on the service order list now properly link to the edit screen. A missing limitation on the query for pulling an email address has been added.

    •  20 Aug 2009 18:20

    Release Notes: This release adds the ability to split AP Bills into multiple entries for deferred payments. It fixes an IE issue with subtype boxes. Open Order Report now allows selection of specific Sales Categories (sortable). Minor enhancement modifications have been made to automatic Payment Plans. Performance Report is now better at mixing different units for selling/pricing. This release adds "date marked on bank statement" for Payables Void/Cash Checks List and Bank Deposit Update List. Duplicate button labels have been removed from the check summary page.

    •  17 Aug 2009 13:40

      Release Notes: Minor updates and enhancements were made.

      •  13 Aug 2009 14:24

        Release Notes: Minor updates and enhancements were made.


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