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  •  23 Aug 2010 22:34

    Release Notes: This release changes the query on bill edit searches to provide more accurate results. Invoices now better handle separate taxes for each line item. A new custom invoice option is available: see preprint option #3 in setup. Income statements using special summarization are now fully supported. Various improvements have been made for the NolaPrint application.

    •  11 Aug 2010 10:18

      Release Notes: The inventory item sales report now selects by specific category or location. The invoice returns database query was streamlined for better compatibility. Rights groups now have a delete option. A hold option was added on the dynamic order page. For piecework, a conflict is shown if the same person repeats a task. Multiple reports were modified to show customer name if there is no company name. A time issue was corrected on a few home page reports.

      •  21 Jul 2010 15:40

        Release Notes: The items that can be returned during the item lookup phase are now limited. Cash count can now be entered on the collection report. Miscellaneous enhancements were made to PO Pass to AP process. Orders with partial shipments no longer show in Open Orders report. Line items shipped no longer show in backorder report. Ship barcode was added to pick ticket. The ability to place an order on hold from the open order list was created. Quick item lookup will display inventory as "inactive" when applicable.

        •  02 Jul 2010 22:01

          Release Notes: This release changes the query for "View account" because when multiple payments were made on one invoice, it was reading the balance as due when it was not. If there is no currency in a GL transaction, it uses the base currency. Otherwise, it could group into two different entries on the balance sheet. The memory limit for QuickBooks Converter has been increased to 2 gigs. The invoice PDF has been modified to show payments made all the time. Employee-specific Tax Expense for GL and Combine Payrolls for Taxes Add-Ons have been added.

          •  11 Jun 2010 14:24

            Release Notes: OFX now better translates to XML format. Shipping costs, tax on freight, and B2B module tax are now optionally taxable by location. $0.00 bank deposits are supported if $0.00 items are selected. A hotfix has been made to improve the total bank balance in Bank Reconciliation.

            •  03 Jun 2010 22:10

              Release Notes: Bank recon now better supports totaling for uncheck GL receipts. PO printout now defaults to PO date, not current date. Item valuation has been changed to show weighted average cost even if it is 0. Payment reports now use a specified category for order deposits. Improvements have been made to the B2B email notification process.

              •  28 May 2010 21:51

                Release Notes: A hotfix for GL on bank reconciliation. Customer notes now display prominently. NolaPrint version: inventory secondary markup support. Better support for secondary checks in payroll. Invoice Summary now filters by entry date/time (not on OPEN invoice report). The Orders Completed report has been updated for better results. Service Orders now support changing of "customer pickup" to a "ship-to" status.

                •  25 May 2010 14:02

                  Release Notes: The recent customer report was enhanced to show clients with the first invoice. Code was added to optimize database indexes for speed improvements. The bank reconciliation GL query now includes a company filter. Invoice COGS now allows retrieval of item details for costs. For RMA, item code and original invoice number were added on the credit memo. Changes were made for support for multiple currencies (which is still unreleased). An invoice now better handles passing of cost data when updating. The new customer "ship to" now includes company name over personal name. The inventory adjustment postings section was improved.

                  •  12 May 2010 22:00

                    Release Notes: PO/item link from home page inventory lookup. Quantity display on PO List by item. Allows display of 10,000 items per page on inventory reports. Order lookup shows totals from all locations if none are defined. This release adds quantity on PO to the activity report with a link to the PO list. Bin/Shelf display is now on the inventory quick-lookup pop-up. The length of numeric input on the beginning balance entry has been increased. There is a fix for items not showing as adjustments of physical inventory. The small custom invoice format properly shows the invoice number and no longer reduces by paid amounts for Total Due.

                    •  30 Apr 2010 22:07

                      Release Notes: This release adds a credit card scanner plug-in. It adds a small 8.5 x 5.5 inch invoice plug-in. Custom invoice discounts now use AR->Discount GL Acct. Copying of prices for standardization has been modified. Invoice Item Returns now display the tax line amount properly. Improved flow for rights groups. The Excel export has been changed to support strip tags code. B2B now uses the same tax table as internal orders. A hotfix on prepaid AP Credit Card when a PO is reopened/reclosed.


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