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  •  09 Aug 2011 01:30

    Release Notes: This release restores the Internal Messaging feature. Cost Center Setup has been moved to Payroll Setup. Drill-down has been added to Order Summary Report. Quick Lookup no longer shows deleted item locations. The My Info feature has been re-added to the menu under Admin. This release allows changing of the customer on the Fulfillment Order page.

    •  04 Aug 2011 06:45

      Release Notes: Miscellaneous minor updates.

      •  12 Jul 2011 14:25

      Release Notes: The interface is now sleeker and more intuitive. Payroll and tax improvements were made. Dashboard reports were improved. The system for add-on modules was enhanced.

      •  15 Jun 2011 21:15

        Release Notes: Various improvements in preparation for the release of NolaPro 5.

        •  23 May 2011 14:19

          Release Notes: Numerous improvements were made in support of the unreleased NolaPro 5. A minor fix was made to admin homepage caching. A minor fix was made in fulfillment order picktick for customer pickup. A minor fix was made in pickticket PDF for customer pickup. An upgrade was done to NolaPrint Pricelist version. Miscellaneous updates were made for homepage dashboard reports. Customer lists can now filter by Sales Category. Error displays (debugging messages) were turned off in a few places. The /includes functions were moved above all JavaScript calls.

          •  09 May 2011 21:03

            Release Notes: Enhancements in preparation for the NolaPro 5 June release.

            •  25 Apr 2011 21:21

              Release Notes: A hotfix for AR restricting invoice displays on stubs. Subtotaling by employee cost center. Numerous NP5 improvements. Fixes for Firefox 4 and IE 8. Support for the upcoming Multicurrency module. Inventory Sales History report can now choose by Invoice or Paid date. ID boxes for auto complete lookups can now be hidden. A Void date for AP Checks. Bank Rec now shows the amount currently checked off for each category and now allows addition of extra charges directly on the page. Defines Home Page Dashboard by user group. An Extra POS link under Billing -> Invoices.

              •  16 Mar 2011 22:37

                Release Notes: An addition for future support of white label versions. An addition for future support of integration with vtiger. New breakdown of box contents on shipping email for the pricelist. A fix for an issue with bank reconciliation in some MySQL versions. Record ID display on the carrier service screen for UPS worldship. Now allows for search matching on customer/contact email.

                •  23 Feb 2011 22:55

                  Release Notes: This release creates a new Payroll Employee Summary Report. It adds support for a future White Labelling/Branding upgrade. It makes minor adjustments to menu fonts and styles. A hotfix has been made for B2B Excel reporting. Improved Payroll vacation and sick accruals functionality. A future check stub option will display vacation and sick accruals (in beta). The Invoice Reprint feature has been modified to overcome Internet Explorer limits.

                  •  08 Feb 2011 15:37

                    Release Notes: Additional security methods were added to password login encryption. Barcode label printing is now supported for Fulfillment Orders. Ship-to sales taxes are more efficient when moving Orders to Invoices (NolaPrint). The invoice option for Preprint 3 now includes a subtotal line. A new cost center option was added for employees. Checks can now be printed for specific cost center(s). "Additional taxes" now summarize in a single display (like other taxes). An option was created to control specific users' ability to change Quotes to Orders.


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