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Noble Ape Simulation

The Noble Ape Simulation is a collection of a number of autonomous simulation components including a landscape simulation, biological simulation, weather simulation, sentient creature (Noble Ape) simulation, and a simple intelligent-agent scripting language (ApeScript). Noble Ape also contains a social simulation where the Noble Apes can be tracked in terms of social groups and also over many generations to explain social phenomenon to users looking to study this kind of interaction. It has been in development for more than a fifteen years.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Feb 2014 23:01

    Release Notes: Fixes ApeScript threading for debugging output. Fixes Apple windowing and dialog levels.

    •  28 Aug 2012 03:20

      Release Notes: The command line interface and GUI were combined. A number of additional features were added, including metabolism, vascular, and social graph watching through the command line.

      •  17 Mar 2012 15:01

        Release Notes: This release includes Linux flavors of the Noble Ape Simulation 0.694.

        •  17 Mar 2012 06:49

          Release Notes: This release adds a number of bugfixes and new features, including a narrative engine, improved social interaction, and a sense of self in the Noble Apes.

          •  25 Oct 2011 04:06

            Release Notes: This version features light transitions on the Noble Ape environment and the addition of the initial fur patches for adding to Noble Ape bodies shortly. A substantial amount of code was added for creating social networks and family trees in the Simulation. A number of bugs were fixed.


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