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  •  10 Jul 2007 07:04

Release Notes: A user can now get NOAH to report on recently changed files for a given directory tree and integrate this report in a wiki or HTML page. A user can also associate a filename with a custom icon and link a DokuWiki page with NOAH's content search engine, link critical NOAH documents and directories to your wiki project page, and manage usernames and passwords smoothly from NOAH to DokuWiki.

  •  14 Nov 2006 11:23

Release Notes: This version adds Elinks and Client Scripting features to the NOAH Free Edition, as well as adding improvements to the move command and the installers FAQ.

  •  08 Nov 2006 20:15

Release Notes: Major improvements in performance with large databases were achieved. Some minor bugfixes and interface improvements to make it easier to use browser bookmarks to jump to a favorite directory were added.


Project Spotlight


An integrated solution for virtualization management.


Project Spotlight


A file manager and playlist with movie thumbnails.