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nn Newsreader is a curses-based USENET news reader. The motto of nn is its expanded name, "No News is good news, but nn is better". The nn newsreader is designed to let you minimize the amount of time you spend reading news (or, more realistically, to allow you to follow even more newsgroups). Nn allows you to quickly select articles of interest and skip the rest. It also supports efficient article killing and selection of articles by author and subject.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Mar 2006 02:05

    Release Notes: The name length displayed is now based upon the width of the screen. The header check macro is now case insensitive for both news and folders. GPG support has been added , which comes with a new run-time variable 'sign-type', and a compile-time variable SIGN_TYPE to set the default to either PGP or GPG. nn will now look in /etc/resolv.conf for a domain if DOMAIN isn't defined and hostname isn't a FQDN.

    •  10 Feb 2003 18:40

      Release Notes: nnview no longer tries to connect to the NNTPSERVER, nn will now compile and run under Mac OSX 10.2.x, DOMAIN can now be defined even if HIDDENNET isn't, nn no longer segfaults if it reconnects during initial authentication, and nn no longer sends a bogus [post|follow] failed message when using cnews and not NNTP.

      •  28 Jun 2002 11:34

        Release Notes: In this release, iso-8859-15 has been added to the chset. Some news servers have article numbers larger than nn was willing to deal with, a problem which has been fixed. nn(NOV) will now always rebuild the binary killfile when started. If the ORGANIZATION enviroment variable is set, nn will use it. The editor once again accepts arguments, and starts after the headers. If your editor doesn't accept "+x" (where x is a number) as an argument, it sets use-editor-line to off. A problem was fixed where specially crafted nntpservers could, in theory, send data to nn that could result in a security breach as the user running nn.

        •  22 Feb 2002 22:53

          Release Notes: Use of full_name instead of pw_gecos in gen_frompath, a workaround for broken cpp in gcc 3.x, removal of SSL support as it was apparently fatally broken, removal of unnecessary nnmail and HAVE_ROUTING, conversion from varargs to stdargs, MacOS X support, attempting to discover the domain if not defined, and reconnecting even to broken servers that don't send 503.

          •  11 Nov 2001 12:19

            Release Notes: Compilation problems when NNTP was defined and NOV wasn't were fixed.


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