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  •  16 Jan 2014 23:22

Release Notes: This is a minor documentation release which includes small improvements to the relaxation dispersion analysis in the manual as well as the API documentation for the lib.dispersion package.

Release Notes: This release includes a major overhaul of the relax user manual with the addition of new chapters and tutorials for all analyses and major expansions and improvements overall. It also includes a major set of bugfixes to re-enable the NOE, R1, and R2 analyses of multiple spin types (e.g. the Trp sidechain indole NH), window ordering fixes for the GUI, and numerous other small bugfixes.

Release Notes: The relax manual has been significantly updated by completion of the model-free analysis chapter, the addition of GUI screenshots and descriptions, a description of Gary Thompson's multi-processor framework, and general updates and improvements. For those who install relax using the scons "install" target, the *.pyc and *.pyo files are now properly created for faster startup. The Bruker Protein Dynamics Centre user function "pdc" has been renamed "bruker". The Bruker and BMRB user functions have been added to the menu system. A test suite bug triggered via Fink has been eliminated.


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