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NLog is a .NET logging library designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind. With NLog you can process diagnostic messages emitted from any .NET language, augment them with contextual information, format them according to your preference, and send them to one or more targets. The API (application programming interface) is similar to log4net, and the configuration is very simple. NLog uses a routing table while log4net uses a logger hierarchy with attachable ppenders. This makes NLog's configuration very easy to read and maintain.

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Recent releases

  •  20 Feb 2006 23:39

    Release Notes: This release adds a new Trace level, which is more verbose than the Debug level. It adds a new conditions language that lets you write powerful filtering conditions while keeping the syntax natural and readable. It adds a global log threshold and configurability at the config level. it adds support for variables in configuration files. It adds an infrastructure for compound targets and wrapper targets. It adds detailed documentation with examples for many targets, both on the Web site and in the help file.

    •  09 Jun 2005 07:44

      Release Notes: The release included major architectural changes, new features, speed improvements, and bugfixes. The internal API was redesigned and renamed, logging and non-logging speed was improved, an old bug where appenders were incorrectly combined was fixed, and network targets were implemented (TCP and UDP are supported, HTTP is planned). A preliminary NLogViewer target and a viewer application were included. LogManager.GlobalThreshold was added. All public methods are now commented in the source code. The tutorial, howtos, and the Web site were reworked.

      •  08 Mar 2005 22:36

        Release Notes: Many things have been improved, and a new Web site has been deployed that describes them. The most important new features include .NET Compact Framework 1.0 support, a C/C++ logging API, a COM logging API, various fixes to Appenders and Layout Appenders, general improvements and bugfixes, and internal logging improvements.

        •  06 Sep 2004 08:59

          Release Notes:


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