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NiX Proxy Checker

NIX is a proxy checker that supports HTTP(S) CONNECT and SOCKS 4 and 5. It is multi-threaded and supports country detection, protocol auto-detection, and delay information, and has filters based on IP subnet mask, port, and RDNS. It is very reliable.

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  •  20 Apr 2011 10:40

Release Notes: This version was upgraded with the NiX Proxy Checker PRO engine, which contains various internal fixes, optimizations, and bug fixes. The new included SG loaders fix segfaults when using PHP 5.3.x. Built-in, up-to-date proxy country detection was added. This is the last update to the free version, which is now considered stable.

  •  02 Mar 2011 10:13

Release Notes: AnonyLevels has been adjusted accordingly to match standards. Threads are now adjustable between 1 and 15. The "checked ago" feature was removed from this release. A "days left information" was added to the estimated time left function.

  •  20 Nov 2010 22:40

Release Notes: The "Client cannot resolve the hostname" SOCKS5 feature was reverted, because a majority of public SOCKS5 proxies are unreliable. The program should now give significantly more proxies. Hostnames are now only resolved once. Transparent proxy support has been added.

  •  16 Nov 2010 02:49

    Release Notes: An occasional timeout issue in HTTP proxy checks was fixed. The program should now give more HTTP proxies. The license was updated.

    •  24 Oct 2010 09:14

    Release Notes: Threading was improved, so the program should be less CPU intensive. A bug was fixed, so at the end of a check, "Waiting for the running threads" now works as intended. As a new feature, proxies are now formatted to suitable format for the upcoming tool called NiX - Brute Force.


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