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  •  15 Jan 2008 22:37

Release Notes: WHOIS has been enhanced to display the "signon time" of users. Two new IRC commands have been added: "WALLOPS" and "STATS u". Configuration variables were added to define the maximum nick name length, to bind the daemon to a specific network interface, and to declare configured servers as "passive".

  •  07 Jan 2008 16:57

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in handling PART commands, which could cause the server to access invalid memory and to crash. All installations should be updated.

  •  31 Jul 2007 14:37

Release Notes: This release fixes a severe bug in handling JOIN commands, which could cause the server to crash. All installations should be updated.

  •  08 Jun 2007 08:22

Release Notes: Connection handling has been enhanced and should cope better with bigger networks. Pre-defined channels can nwo have channel keys and user limits set.

  •  17 Dec 2006 07:31

Release Notes: The validation of server names containing digits has been fixed, and the "info text" of the local server will be updated after rereading the configuration. The PASS command now allows the syntax defined in RFC 1459, and the ISUPPORT message has been extended. A new configuration option "PredefChannelsOnly" has been introduced to limit clients to join predefined channels only.

  •  01 Oct 2006 12:46

Release Notes: This release introduces a more efficient I/O subsystem that can use special APIs of Linux and BSD variants (epoll() and kqueue()), enhances the security of the daemon (does reverse DNS lookups, and uses the -fstack-protector GCC switch if available), and enhances some IRC commands.

  •  16 Oct 2005 16:46

Release Notes: This release fixes a few bugs in 0.9.1, and enhances the reliability of the IRC daemon.

  •  03 Aug 2005 17:28

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the handler for the IRC KILL function (introduced in 0.9.0) and enhances the compatibility to old compilers.

  •  24 Jul 2005 23:16

Release Notes: This major release adds new functionality and addresses a number of bugs. The highlights included better compatibility with ircd2 servers, support for the "WHOWAS" IRC command, and support for secret channels.

  •  03 Feb 2005 14:43

Release Notes: A bug has been fixed that could be exploited when the daemon was compiled to perform IDENT lookups (not the default).


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