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Ngaro is a portable emulator and virtual machine for a MISC architecture. It also emulates a number of simple hardware devices.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Sep 2011 14:07

    Release Notes: This release brings updated versions of all implementations and substantially updated documentation. There are now 14 implementations written in Python, Ruby, Perl, Common Lisp, x86 Assembly, ANS Forth, JavaScript, Retro, Lua, Java, C, C#, F#, and Go.

    •  13 Jul 2008 23:33

      Release Notes: This release provides a new API for determining the capabilities being provided by the various implementations. It also has significantly faster implementations for console and browser based systems. A new implementation providing console, framebuffer, and HTTP access to images is also included.

      •  20 Apr 2008 15:08

        Release Notes: This release brings cleanups to the existing I/O devices and allows images to detect the emulated hardware set. It can be built to run on Windows. A new JavaScript implementation was added to allow running of images in a Web browser.

        •  06 Apr 2008 21:14

          Release Notes: This release adds support for building for console-only targets without SDL.

          •  03 Feb 2008 00:09

            Release Notes: This is a maintenance release, correcting some bugs in the documentation, and cleaning up the source tree a bit. It includes updated assemblers as well.


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