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NG-Admin is designed for the content management of MySQL databases. It allows the user to browse, add, edit, and delete data. It is somewhat similar to phpMyAdmin, but specializes in editing the content of Web sites, not the database structures. Its features are very easy to use and highly tunable.


Recent releases

  •  18 Mar 2008 14:49

    Release Notes: An HTML editor (TinyMCE) was integrated. The buttons on the bottom of every page wereUpdated. Several minor fixes were made, especially in the copy and delete section. Search fields are now capable of searching through the columns with several words. Words will be combined with the logical "OR" operation. For example, searching for "my name" will find all strings starting with "my" or "name".

    •  30 Oct 2007 13:20

      Release Notes: The Colourchooser was deleted. Now there is only one theme. The theme was updated to look more like phpMyAdmin. A check is made to see if JavaScript is activated and Cookies are accepted. An update was made to the latest Prototype.js. AJAX window error messages were added. A new copy function was added. A new delete function was added. Minor fixes were made for creating menus, saving filenames, and other things.

      •  03 Jul 2007 14:55

        Release Notes: A new field named "timestamp_manual" has been added. As it says, it is to set values of timestamp fields manually. The error-messages are more detailed. By clicking "details" in the message box (available only on error), you will see a more detailed description about the error and why it occurred. The configuration file is easier to understand and has better comments sections. Minor fixes and speed improvements were made with colors and delete. A bug with local upload was fixed.

        •  12 Feb 2007 12:37

          Release Notes: Several bugs were fixed in the calendar function (regarding parsing the current date, the today-button, and colors). The Link field can now parse all dynamic contents as long as there is now a special character in the fieldname. A new field named "spacer" has been added. It is only a single empty line for separation purposes.

          •  11 Dec 2006 16:39

            Release Notes: Multi-menu support, the ability to set tablenames, multi-user support, and a "Link"-field were added.


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