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Initng is a full replacement of the old and in many ways deprecated sysvinit tool. It is designed with speed in mind, doing as much as possible asynchronously, and using the system resources more efficiently.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 May 2007 05:12

    Release Notes: This release aims at fixing a bug on 64-bit systems where initng crashed randomly.

    •  04 Feb 2007 11:28

      Release Notes: This release includes a new internal event system which replaced plugin-hooks. An event plugin was added, which is a skeleton for ifiles event support. The behavior of initng when its PID is not 1 has changed. Fake-mode is now activated via the --fake parameter. A lot of bugs were fixed.

      •  18 May 2006 18:57

        Release Notes: A new filemonitor plugin that reloads options if the user changes the file. A new netdev plugin. killalli5 has been rewritten to kill carefully. This release has initng-usplash support again. There are many other fixes.

        •  09 May 2006 08:52

          Release Notes: Many bugfixes were made. Support for test/*/* service types were added along with a set of new plugins and some CPU optimizations.

          •  26 Apr 2006 10:20

            No changes have been submitted for this release.

            Recent comments

            27 Jul 2005 06:48 penguinroar

            Im at work now so i cant test it IRL but i think its promising. The speedup in the charts was pretty impressive. Ill chug it into my desktop at home to test and play around a bit. Ill be back! I have read everywhere about how linux needs a better init system but this is the first usable code ive seen so far.



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