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Newmat, a C++ matrix library, is intended for scientists and engineers who need to manipulate a variety of types of matrices using standard matrix operations. The library includes the operations *, +, -, concatenation, inverse, transpose, conversion between types, submatrix, determinant, Cholesky decomposition, QR triangularisation, singular value decomposition, eigenvalues of a symmetric matrix, sorting, fast Fourier and trig. transforms, printing, and an interface with Numerical Recipes in C.


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  •  30 Jan 2001 06:13

    Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement; numerous little improvements plus new maxima and minima functions and a faster FFT.

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    09 Sep 2004 13:57 RobertDavies

    Re: Site down
    It seems to be working now.

    09 Sep 2004 09:59 auknight

    Site down
    As of 2004 Sep 9, this project's web page seems to be unreachable:

    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.

    Invalid host{} in request GET /robert_b_davies HTTP/1.1

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