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Nevow is a Web application construction kit. It is designed to allow the programmer to express as much of the view logic as desired in Python, and includes a pure Python XML expression syntax, named stan, to facilitate this. It also provides rich support for designer-edited templates, using a very small XML attribute language to provide bi-directional template manipulation capability.


Recent releases

  •  21 Mar 2007 09:10

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  13 Jun 2006 15:26

      Release Notes: A simplified JavaScript module system has been added, along with numerous optimizations to the JavaScript library made available with Athena. Unicode support has also been optimized and several bugs were corrected. Several bugs with Fragment rendering have been fixed, as has a bug which prevented notifications of lost connections from being dispatched correctly.

      •  08 Apr 2006 00:35

        Release Notes: This release adds Nevow Interactive Tests (nit), a test runner that lets you exercise code in a browser and collect results in an structured manner, the ability to see JavaScript source lines in tracebacks logged on the server, a JavaScript implementation of DeferredList and gatherResults from Twisted, direct use of the Zope Interface (meaning everything will be faster from avoiding the compatibility layer provided by Twisted), and transparent, structured argument passing for Widget.__init__.

        •  21 Dec 2005 11:35

          Release Notes: Nevow now includes a much enhanced client-to-server and server-to-client AJAX system, Athena. Athena emphasizes the transfer of structured data rather than HTML, and encourages complex manipulations of the DOM to occur in the browser rather than in the server.

          •  14 Oct 2005 11:39

            Release Notes: LiveEvil has been removed. LivePage has been updated significantly. Numerous bugs have been fixed in areas such as formless, slot handling, and rendering well-formedness. Performance has been improved, and new documentation and examples have also been added.


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