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Release Notes: The performance of Layer 2 topology discovery has increased. Special handling for invalid LLDP data from D-Link switches. A new driver for Cisco Small Business switches has been added. File transfer from agent now support continuous updates ("tail -f" mode). The Windows agent provides a list and table of services. A new macro "%K" provides access to alarm keys in event actions. The management console can play configurable sounds for alarms. An occasional "broken pipe" error has been resolved. There are additional macros available in object tools. A memory leak in the AIX agent has been fixed, as well as interface status detection in Solaris zones.

Release Notes: This release improves support for templates applied on clusters, can filter automatically-populated maps, makes multiple NXSL improvements based on user requests, provides HTTP support in the Web-checker, and adds the new dashboard elements "status map" and "table values".

Release Notes: This release greatly improves support for table DCIs, including transformation scripts, multi-column keys, and charts based on table data. Support for SNMP tables is also added. The Web interface now features CAS single sign-on support, as well as a persistent workbench layout.

Release Notes: This release adds support for wireless concentrators (currently only Symbol / Motorola WS series are supported), simplified support for Windows performance counters, basic software inventory, and numerous bugfixes and improvements in WebUI and the core product.

  •  05 Mar 2013 01:00

Release Notes: This release adds DCI (data collection items) instance discovery, an NxShell interactive shell for the commandline and automation, new features in the built-in NXSL scripting language, a driver for D-Link switches, improved LLDP support, new features and improvements in the management console and the Android agent, and other improvements and bugfixes.

Release Notes: This is a new "stable" release which deprecates the 1.0.x branch and is recommended for production use. Major changes include a rewritten-from-scratch cross-platform management console, a Web interface, Unicode support, tabular DCIs, and an embedded reporting engine.

Release Notes: New NXSL functions: GetDCIValueByName, GetDCIValueByDescription. A new attribute "comments" in NXSL classes "Node" and "NetObj". Fixes for non-working macros in nxalarm. nxpush now supports node identification by DNS name or IP address. A fix for a memory leak in netxmsd.

Release Notes: Improvements were made in network discovery and VRRP support. A new object tool type, server command, was added. A new MIB, VRRP-MIB, was added

Release Notes: This release adds LLDP support. The MIB compiler has been improved. SNMP tools have been improved. Automatic conversion of non-printable strings in SNMP traps has been added. New MIBs have been added. Broken static agent build has been fixed. Changes in NXSL: the ability to create scripts without explicit main(), named parameters, and new functions (GetNodeParents and PostEvent).

Release Notes: Automatic alarm termination using regular expressions was implemented. Support was added for ODBC connection strings in ODBCQUERY subagent and ODBC database driver. The server configuration parameter ProcessAffinityMask was added. Major changes were made in the LogWatch subagent. Several problems were fixed.


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