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  •  02 Mar 2009 20:08

Release Notes: The main motivation for this release was a change to the 'make clean' target for USB udev/hotplug/HAL scripts. If you build from a clean source tree, this change will not affect you. This release also adds the microdowell driver.

  •  28 Jan 2009 16:16

Release Notes: This release includes preliminary support for Power Distribution Units (PDUs), either natively or through a binding to the Powerman daemon. It also includes support for several new devices, and a new "repeater" mode for the dummy-ups driver. Support for tcp-wrappers was added to replace NUT's non-standard ACL system. NUT also includes a new Python-based client library and GUI.

Release Notes: Support was added for the APC BACK-UPS XS LCD, Atlantis Land, Mustek Powermust Office 650, Oneac XAU, Powerware PW5115 and PW9120 (USB), and Nitram Elite 2005 UPS models. HAL integration has been improved a lot. The usbhid-ups, snmp-ups, and netxml-ups drivers were fixed and improved.

Release Notes: Support was added for a dozen new UPS models, including all MGE Office Protection Systems units. The usbhid-ups driver was improved and fixed in many areas. The megatec and megatec_usb drivers were backported from the development branch.

Release Notes: HAL support. IPv6 support. Support for many new devices. Many driver improvements. This release uses automake.

Release Notes: This release is a backport of the development version. Many changes have already been backported previously. Thus it is more a synchronisation release, though it includes many bugfixes and support for new models.

  •  28 Jul 2006 10:30

Release Notes: Better support for newhidups.

  •  27 Mar 2006 10:25

Release Notes: Several new drivers have been added or backported. There are driver fixes. A problem in the snmp-ups driver when exposing certain time data has been fixed.

Release Notes: In this version, upsd and the drivers now do instant commands and variable set commands over a socket, upsd.users no longer requires the ugly "repeat if you need more than 5 args" hack, and HP Powertrust hardware is now supported with the new HP driver.

Release Notes: In this release, upsmon now reloads its configuration on the fly when called with '-c reload' or when sent a SIGHUP, upsdrvctl now has a shutdown command to power off UPS equipment in an orderly fashion, and upsd and the drivers can mmap() the state file to provide a better communication channel that doesn't require SysV shared memory.


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