Version 2.4.1 of Network UPS Tools

Release Notes: The main motivation for this release was a change to the 'make clean' target for USB udev/hotplug/HAL scripts. If you build from a clean source tree, this change will not affect you. This release also adds the microdowell driver.

Other releases

Release Notes: This is the first release after the transition from Subversion to Git. NUT can now be configured to use either OpenSSL or Mozilla NSS for securing client-server connections. Many drivers have been updated, including extensive rewrites of the bcmxcp and apcsmart drivers. The nutdrv_qx driver is a more flexible successor to the blazer_ser/usb drivers, and now handles the Voltronic protocol. The new apcupsd-ups driver is a bridge to Apcupsd NIS servers. Tripp Lite has provided extensive compatibility information and testing results for their USB PDC HID models.

Release Notes: This release fixes a regression in upssched and introduces support for a few more devices. It also contains a new implementation of the mge-shut driver. Support for several new devices was added. This release also includes a new meta-driver, macosx-ups, which monitors any UPS which integrates with the Mac OS X Power Sources subsystem (Energy Saver control panel). The set of monitored variables is limited, but further development is planned.

Release Notes: This release fixes an important vulnerability in upsd (CVE-2012-2944: upsd can be remotely crashed). A static source code analysis has been performed using Coverity, and 12 issues were fixed. New "LIST CLIENTS" and "NETVER" commands were added to the NUT network protocol. The developer guide's "Network protocol information" section was updated with information. Support for many new devices was added. Improvements were made to the apcsmart, bcmxcp, bestfortress, blazer_*, newmge-shut, oneac, snmp-ups, and usbhid-ups drivers.

Release Notes: This version adds support for Cyber Power Systems hardware with SNMP RMCARD, Dynamix 650VA USB, LDLC UPS-1200D, Tecnoware UPS ERA LCD 0.65, Powercom BNT-xxxAP (USB ID 0d9f:0004), and various USB devices using UPSilon 2000 software. The nut-scanner tool has been modularized even further, dynamically opening libraries for features such as USB, IPMI and SNMP. HP/UX packaging and AIX compilation have been improved. Additional bugfixes for various drivers (including blazer_usb with invalid USB vendor IDs 0000 and FFFF) are noted in the NEWS file and ChangeLog.

Release Notes: NUT can now monitor power supply units (PSU) in servers, through IPMI, using the new experimental 'nut-ipmipsu' driver. A new tool, 'nut-scanner', can be used to discover supported devices, both local and remote. It will help to ease the configuration steps, and power infrastructure discovery. There are also minor updates to usbhid-ups, bcmxcp, and snmp-ups, along with major improvements to apcsmart.


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