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Release Notes: Support was added for ADSL modems using PPPoE or PPPoATM, for IPv6-enabled VPN connections, and for on-demand WiFi scan. IPv6 stability and compatibility were enhanced. A large number of bugfixes were made, along with a few other enhancements.

Release Notes: This release adds many significant feature enhancements.

Release Notes: Support was added for Fast User Switching. A new permissions model was introduced. Configuration was simplified. A more flexible API for new network applets was introduced, allowing for connectivity detection, portal auto-login, tied VPN connections, proxy and firewall handling, and much more. Support was added for Intel WiMAX devices for access to 4G WiMAX networks, and for optimized WiFi roaming through wpa_supplicant background scanning and nl80211. GObject Introspection support was added for libnm-util and libnm-glib. NetworkManager is now more friendly to embedded environments.

Release Notes: Support was added for Bluetooth dial-up networking (DUN). IPv6 support was enhanced, including DHCPv6 capability. A command-line interface was added. Mobile broadband signal strength, status, and roaming display were added. Local caching nameserver support using dnsmasq was added. Better handling of suspend/resume was implemented. The ability to suppress periodic scans by locking connection to a BSSID was added. A persistent hostname is now sent to DHCP servers by default. Many other enhancements were made. Various minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: Better support for mobile broadband connections, Bluetooth, IPv6, and 802.1x authenticated connections was implemented. Bluetooth PAN support was added. Support for static and autoconfigured IPv6 was added. HAL was replaced by udev. Long-standing bugs with multi-certificate 802.1x files were fixed. The service "nm-system-settings" was obsoleted, allowing faster connection set-up. ModemManager implements many often requested features like roaming, 2G/3G mode preference, signal strength display, access technology, etc. Many bugs were fixed. Documentation was improved.

  •  04 Dec 2008 14:21

Release Notes: Support was added for multiple active devices, for Internet connection sharing, for many mobile broadband devices, for full static IPs, and for boot-time connections (with no logins required). Connections were made more reliable. A rich, flexible D-Bus API was added. Many other enhancements and fixes were made.


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