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NetTraf consists of a daemon that gets information from a Linux interface and sends it on the network to NetTraf clients. Clients then can use the information to show to the user how the connection is performing. This program is mostly useful with dial-up connections on a masqueraded server, so all users on the network know when the connection is active, and if there is too much traffic on the line. This package DOES NOT comes with any client applications; you can find them on the homepage. The author needs help to develop a Linux client.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Sep 2005 18:17

    Release Notes: This release adds password support (the PASS command). The password can be changed in the ./src/connections.c file; the default password is "nettraf". The client can display the current IP of the selected interface (using the IPADDR command).

    •  18 Jul 2000 12:34

      Release Notes: The LIBWRAP library has been disabled in the Makefile due to problems.

      •  17 Jul 2000 20:19

        Release Notes: TCP-wrappers support can now be compiled in to add some level of security to the program. New commands were added for really large traffic networks. Instead of sending all the bytes received since the interface came up, now it sends only the number of bytes changed since the previous second. Look for 1.3 clients that use this feature.

        •  11 Jan 2000 20:58

          Release Notes: It is now possible to run NetTraf as a real daemon, logging messages to syslog. The client application is now in a separate package, available on the homepage. The server now uses 64 bit values to hold the interface data, so users with direct network connections can use it too. A SysV init script is now included.

          •  04 Jan 2000 13:36

            Release Notes: Initial version.

            Recent comments

            31 Mar 2005 04:27 smurfynet

            Hi.. I changed some stuff in Nettraf
            can't contact the author so i wrote here.

            you can try the "new" version here:




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