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Netsukuku is a P2P network system that generates and sustains itself autonomously, using a hierarchical algorithm to calculate routes. It is designed to handle a large number of nodes with minimal CPU and memory resources.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Jul 2006 06:31

    Release Notes: An active TCP socket is now kept for each rnode, making it possible to send them TCP packets without the need to establish a new connection each time. Since UDP is no longer used for ntk packets, the UDP daemon has been removed and the 271/udp port has been deprecated. When there are multiple interfaces which reach the same rnode, the QSPN packets are now sent from a random device each time. GCC 4 compilation warnings were fixed. SNSD recursion has been fixed in ntk-resolv.

    •  14 Jun 2006 23:17

      Release Notes: The main new feature of the this release is the implementation of the Scattered Name Service Disgregation.The SNSD is the ANDNA equivalent of the SRV Record of the Internet Domain Name System. For its complete description read the NTK_RFC 0009. Since the SNSD is the generalization of the basic structure of a Domain Name System, the core of the ANDNA database has been completely rewritten. This release fixes many bugs from the previous versions.

      •  24 Mar 2006 09:25

        Release Notes: The Netsukuku nodes will now automatically use multiple inet-gateways to connect to the Internet, so their Internet connection will be effectively load-balanced. The nodes which share their Internet connection will also automatically use the shared connection of the other nodes. These nodes can now shape their Internet connection in order to prioritize their local outgoing traffic and traffic that requires low-latency (such as SSH). The low-latency TOS is now set in the ANDNA resolve requests.

        •  28 Feb 2006 21:57

          Release Notes: The NTK_RFC 0008 has been implemented. The NTK_RFC 0007 has been implemented. It fixes an exploitable bug in the ANDNA protocol. NetsukukuD has been tested on big endian machines. A lot of endianness bugs have been fixed during the tests, and now it seems to work gracefully. NetsukukuD is now able to set correct default routes for PPP Internet connections. A possible memory overrun in the RSA packing functions has been fixed.

          •  31 Jan 2006 05:23

            Release Notes: The IGS was implemented. A node can now share its Internet connection among the other nodes. The main part of the NTK_RFC 0001 was written and the (g)nodes now have the ability to rehook to avoid IP collision. ANDNS was implemented. It is a new specification of the DNS protocol for Netsukuku. It is compatible with the actual DNS protocol. If it is possible to reach an rnode trough multiple interfaces, they are now all used with a multipath route. The dns_wrapper code is no longer dependent on Boost. The internal map format was optimized. The code was heavily cleaned.


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