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NetStream2000 Linux Driver

The NetStream2000 Linux driver provides a proprietary user-land driver for Sigma Designs EM8400-based MPEG-2 decoders (i.e. NetStream2000) and GPL'd kernel modules which provide DVD access (without kernel recompilation until 2.2.15). It also includes a GPL'd DVD player with access to all DVD functionality such as menu navigation, fast forward, languages, subtitles, and so on. Finally, this kit provides an API and the documentation necessary to write customized DVD players.


Recent releases

  •  08 Aug 2000 18:21

    Release Notes: Interrupt sharing, kernel module improvements for DMA, and functional repeated close/open and unload/load.

    •  17 Jul 2000 21:58

      Release Notes: First public beta release.

      Recent comments

      18 Jul 2000 00:39 warewolf

      Finally. Expensive card though.
      I've got a Creative DXR3, (it's the same as a H+), beta drivers are being written Here at sourceforge, and Here is the original site. So far (last I checked) development has produced video and audio output on the RCA jacks. No vga passthrough yet. I really wish that Sigma [w|c]ould write a driver for the H+, but there apparently are legal problems that prevent it. (read the livid and linux-dvd mailing lists) it's a good and inexpensive card.


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