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Release Notes: Support for remote desktop shadowing using x0rfbserver.

Release Notes: This release upgrades XFree86 to 4.2, fixes some bugs introduced in 0.7, improves graphic card autodetection (including ISA cards), and replaces the ltsprtd package with the lp_server package. It adds support for dynamic ".nsp" packages that can be loaded after booting using tftp, experimental support for remote sound (using esound) and sound card autodetection, files needed to boot using PXE bootroms, and new packages for the Blackbox window manager, the tarantella client, xnest, and tinyx,

Release Notes: An svgalib version of vncviewer, new Xfree86 4.x support (experimental), support for telnet sessions, new compiled xfree keymaps and console keymaps, a new mouse-autodetect feature, setting hostname to ethernet address, and a syslinux config file for alternative boot method (floppy, DiskOnChip, etc.).

  •  08 Apr 2002 18:05

Release Notes: Bugs in /etc/inittab, a missing libdl library in the SSH package, and broken library dependencies in vncviewer package have all been fixed.

Release Notes: Replacing vnclient with TightVNC, new sound card modules, experimental Citrix ICA client support, and fixes for bugs in /bin/start-session.

Release Notes: An upgrade to kernel 2.4.17, more network cards modules, removal of local fonts, new AGP video cards suport (not tested), a new "build" script & config files formats, and fixes for some rdesktop disconnections.

Release Notes: This release has support for multiple sessions, SSH support, an SVGAlib rdesktop, local printer support (ltsprtd), and a new config file format to support multiple sessions. Some binaries have been replaced by their busybox version. rdesktop has been updated to version 1.1.0, and there are some patches.


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JDAL (Java Database Application Library)

A Java Database Application Library.


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Kernel Mode Linux

A factility for executing user processes in kernel mode safely.