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NetSecL OS

NetSecL is a security-focused Linux distribution based on OpenSuse. It includes a range of penetration testing tools, and applications such as Metasploit, Wireshark, Etherape, OpenVas, Nmap, and many more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Nov 2013 11:25

    Release Notes: This release comes with XFCE and is based on openSuse 12.3 64-bit. It s upports installation from USB (see the installation guide). All packages are compatible and updated to openSuse 12.3, and the GrSecurity 3.9.4 kernel is finally integrated into the operating system properly. Metasploit is updated to 4.7, Firefox is removed and Chromium is added, and the exploit-db repository is updated.

    •  07 Aug 2012 19:37

      Release Notes: This release comes with LXDE, updates the GrSecurity kernel to 3.2.21, changes the name from NetSecL to NetSecL OS, ports the whole system to 64-bit, updates the Exploit-db repository, adds Metasploit with a GUI, integrates 0install, adds Mixer, Libre Office, GIMP, Dia, Inkscape, Evolution, Brasero, and more to provide the necessary tools for your office needs, adds Putty, Remmina, FileZilla, Pidgin, and more for remote access and management, and removes obsolete/old penetration tools.

      •  14 Jul 2011 07:04

        Release Notes: This release includes a new version of XFCE, which dramatically increased performance. Many bugs were fixed and compatibility with OpenSuse 11.4 was improved. The GrSecurity kernel was updated to version

        •  22 Aug 2010 20:49

          Release Notes: This version is a live DVD + installation based on openSUSE. Once installed, you can fully enjoy the features of GrSecurity hardened kernel and penetration tools, or if you like to do some penetration testing you can directly run all tools from the live DVD. NetSecL firewall is included (as always), and most of the penetration tools are ported to the new platform. Many other programs run with GrSecurity enabled, which is a great success especially when it comes to programs like Wine, OpenOffice, Vuze, Qemu, and many Gnome applications.

          •  27 Feb 2010 20:36

            Release Notes: QEMU was added. Many libraries were updated. Bindings for Perl and Python were added. A server section was added. New penetration tools were added. VMX files were added for ease of creating virtual machines with the distribution.

            Recent comments

            20 Aug 2005 05:56 iurisoft

            Re: Q:what new additions/changes in the next release?
            Thats a long answer, because there will be many changes. But the main highlights:
            Nessus, Zebra, Yersinia, Ettercap, Kerberos, Cyrus, Slapt-get + GSlapt, Wifi Scanner, Tripwire, Dsniff, Driftnet, Firewalk, Fakeconnect, Openslp. Update of everything else + fixes. KDE 3.4.2 + Cyrus, Kerberos, Openslp Support. Hardware Recognition (not Kudzu - relax). The new version of the penetration package - I added many small goodies. And maybe - Im not sure if Ill have time for this - the RTAI-Kernel ( and some Bluetooth packages.

            19 Aug 2005 11:06 BlueOmega

            Q:what new additions/changes in the next release?

            what kind of additions and/or changes are going to be in the next ISlack release (1.1)?

            Blue Omega


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