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Release Notes: This release adds support for the visual, color_depth, have_opacity, and opacity_plane fields of struct pam. The Netpbm functions pm_readlittlelong2(), pnm_addopacityrow(), and pnm_makerowrgba(), and everything defined by Netpbm's matrix.c are now implemented. gimp-netpbm2gimp-plugins now represents the 28JUN2012 release of Netpbm (v10.59.00).

Release Notes: gimp-netpbm2gimp-plugins now represents the 6APR2011 release of Netpbm (v10.54.03), including such new programs as pamrubber, pamwipeout, and ppmtoapplevol. Netpbm2Gimp has been updated accordingly by adding libpamd.o to the list of object files extracted verbatim from libnetpbm.a. Also, "netpbm2gimp --help" has been made less verbose.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that prevented plugins from terminating cleanly. It fixes a bug that swapped black and white in PBM filters if the Gimp colormap happens to list white before black. It adds more functions from the Netpbm library. gimp-netpbm2gimp-plugins have been updated to correspond to Netpbm v10.49.01.

Release Notes: gimp-netpbm2gimp-plugins has been rebuilt against Netpbm 10.48.

  •  09 Mar 2009 08:20

Release Notes: Standard output and standard error are now trapped and displayed in dialog boxes when the generated plug-in finishes running.


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