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Net::ICQ allows you to embed ICQ instant messaging client functionality into your Perl programs. It is written entirely in Perl and depends only on other Perl modules. Net::ICQ uses an event-driven model to allow the programmer to handle incoming events, inspired by Net::IRC.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Mar 2001 09:33

    Release Notes: This release changes the way handlers are called, and includes some minor bugfixes and new features.

    •  01 Feb 2001 20:34

      Release Notes: Status was set in the CMD_LOGIN packet to ONLINE instead of 0x200. Several fixes were made to SRV_RECV_MESSAGE, _str_to_bytes, _bytes_to_str, CMD_SEARCH_UIN, add_handler, SRV_FOUND_USER, SRV_INFO_REPLY, and SRV_EXT_INFO_REPLY. When a bad session ID or UIN is found in a server packet, _connected is set to 0 and won't croak(). Addition of %status_codes and code to handle Web-pager and email-pager messages, modifications to the debug output of incoming packets to also display the command number in brackets after the dump of the param bytes, and a fix for a problem with the same event being sent multiple times by the server because of lagged acks.

      •  28 Oct 2000 03:55

        Release Notes: This release adds minor bugfixes and some new documentation on events.

        •  09 Oct 2000 04:58

          Release Notes: This release includes a couple of bugfixes, and support for the SRV_STATUS_UPDATE event.

          •  24 Sep 2000 04:43

            Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement.


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