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netcomics is a Perl script that can retrieve comic strips from the Web that are updated each day. It utilizes a modular set of Perl scripts that provide information on where to find each specific strip. It is most often run as a cron job, but also has a GUI that you can use to browse comics.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Apr 2002 18:31

    Release Notes: Addition of Slow Wave, and a fix for the kingfeatures module.

    •  04 Apr 2002 15:53

      Release Notes: Multi-page indexing was added. A GUI-dependent Debian package was spun off. A "Today's Comics" feature was added. Many comics were updated. The code was restructured into Perl modules. HTML theme support was implemented, and theme contributions are being accepted. Themes are selected by name with the -t option. Available themes may be listed using the -lt option. Many bugfixes were made. Many new comics were added.

      •  18 Jul 2001 21:01

        Release Notes: 2 options have been added, and bugs have been fixed. Comics added in this release are: Ann Telnaes Ed., Arrogance in Simplicity, Cute Wendy, Dan Wasserman Ed., David Horsey Ed., A Doemain of Our Own, Doug Marlette Ed., Drew Sheneman Ed., Dwane Powell Ed., Eat The Roses, Framed, Freefall, Funny Farm, Help Desk, Jeff Danziger Ed., Joe Average, Joy of Tech, Krazy Larry, Kudzu, Life on Forbez, Look What I Brought Home, Lost and Found, Matt Davies Ed., Monty, Mother Goose and Grimm, News Hounds, No Sterotypes, Paul Conrad Ed., Prof Ashfield, Schlock Mercenary, Sporkman, Tangs Comics, Taylor Jones Ed., Wendy, And Then There Was Fred, and Life's so Rad.

        •  18 Feb 2001 20:13

          Release Notes: Several bugfixes, slight behavior modifications to the -a commandline option, removal of several comics because the artist requested it or the site from which it was being retrieved dropped it, updates to many comic modules to adjust for changes made to Web sites, and support the following new comics: Big Nate, The Big Picture, Bizarro, Bobos Progress, The Boondocks, Bulls n Bears , Cartoon Web: BizWit, Cartoon Web: Caricatures, Cartoon Web: Ecotoon, Cartoon Web: Kal, Cartoon Web: Symbolics, Cartoon Web: Views of the World, Cartoon Web: Wit of the World, Cartoon Web: WitWomen, Cartoon Web: World View of the day, Cheap Thrills Cuisine, Dork Tower, Exploitation Now, Fat Jesus, Fight Cast Or Evade, Flight Deck, Grand Avenue, Grandfather Clause, James, Lupo Alberto, Mr. Lowe, Pearls Before Swine, Pickles, Raising Duncan, Randolph Itch 2:00 AM, Reality Check, Red and Rover, Shirley and Son, Soup to Nutz, and Source Wars.

          •  27 Aug 2000 02:13

            Release Notes: Support for download retry, avoidance, and referers, and new comics (Bob the Angry Flower, Clan of the Cats, College Roomies from Hell, Dr. Fun, Everything Jake, Elf Life, Gaming U, Life at Bayside, Nukees, Sempai, Sinfest, and Whenigrowup).


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