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Release Notes: This release adds a Python binding (which is significantly faster than other Python SNMP implementations), better portability, and better MIB support for a number of tables.

Release Notes: The shared library version number no longer matches the release number. snmptrapd will no longer accept all traps by default. It must be configured with authorized SNMPv1/v2c community strings and/or SNMPv3 users. Non-authorized traps/informs will be dropped, --disable-set-support, notification logging and filtering in the agent, and many other changes.

Release Notes: This release adds linkUp/Down traps, general notifications from monitoring events, speed improvements, new MIBs, more agent APIs, trap forwarding, better mib2c support (prompting you for information interactively), and many build environment improvements.

Release Notes: An entirely rewritten agent core, a new agent API, more Perl modules and functionality (including embedded Perl), new transports for messages (including IPv6), improved agentx support, a rewrite of mib2c, a restructuring of the source code, and much more.


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A tool that makes normal maps for 2D art.