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Version UCD-SNMP 4.0.1 of Net-SNMP

Release Notes: Huge number of changes. Briefly: SNMPv3 support, complete agent rewrite, alpha level AgentX support, syslog support in the agent, "make test" support, more configurable options, etc...

Other releases

  •  26 Feb 2014 00:53

Release Notes: A denial of service attack vector was discovered in the Linux implementation of the ICMP-MIB. This release fixes this bug, and all users are encouraged to update their SNMP agent if they make use of the ICMP-MIB table objects.

  •  19 Oct 2012 21:58

Release Notes: This is entirely a bugfix release, with many changes and improvements across the board.

  •  28 Sep 2011 20:34

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release to update a few issues. It fixes the mib-parsing bug introduced in 5.7, fixes error rounding in disk percentage calculations, and adds better support for OpenBSD.

  •  01 Jul 2011 23:15

Release Notes: Significant features and fixes: better support for smaller environments, ping and traceroute MIB implementations for Linux, scheduled/periodic delivery of data via notifications, better multi-homed IP address support, SNMP over DTLS over IPv6, an snmpwalk per-variable timer, improved SNMP over SSH support, the ability to build without USM, DNSSEC validation of hostnames, improved unit tests, and many more.

  •  04 Jan 2011 01:19

Release Notes: Many bugfixes, including fixing support for VACM persistent storage and requests through AgentX with multiple varbinds.


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