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24 Dec 2003 07:12 gurensan

2 very important missing features
1. The ability to remove an attachment from an outgoing email (I clicked on the wrong file)

2. Save Draft (I copy/paste instructions from one to another)

Our webmaster changed to this from SquirrelMail without telling anyone. It's difficult to do my job efficiently without them, as I often have to write an email while I'm on the phone with a different customer. I send probably 20-30 emails a day to customers - I'm support.

29 Nov 2001 17:42 rpaiz

Suggestion: Mark Read/Unread

First: great program. Clean, intuitive, aesthetic.

Suggest: Mark Read/Unread. We use NeoMail as an alternative interface, since all of our users have POP3 access to their mail. Hence NeoMail is not so much a replacement for POP as a complement to it when people are not at their home computers.

However, users must be careful when downloading mail that they've seen on the server, since it's all marked as read and ends up in the depths of people's Inbox with the spam they got six months ago. Downloaded mail must be hunted down and marked individually in order to be acted upon later.

It would be nice to have "Mark Read" and "Mark Unread" as actions to be taken for each or all messages. Given the simplicity of modifying the headers, this should not be hard to add and, I feel, would markedly improve the usability of NeoMail. For several of us, in particular, the ability to have NeoMail *automatically* mark all messages as read upon logout would be a wonderful option to have, since then the mail would properly show up in the regular mail client later rather than being auto-filed with all the read mail.

Again, congratulations and I hope the suggestion helps improve what is already a nice product.

23 Nov 2001 12:20 jdurbin

Great Web Mail System
I've been Using NeoMail for well over a year now to interface with our ISP's users existing mail spools,
have never had a problem with it, and works like a charm. Fast too. doesn't needlessly tax our servers.


02 Aug 2000 12:14 jacquesm

Neomail is an awesome webmail interface unix!
I found Neomail over an hour ago and installed it and am impressed by this utility. Staff at work no longer require shell accounts to view their mail from various unix boxxes at work.

This is a great application. It is easy to install and also very easy for users to use without having to teach them how to login to shell servers. Users don't get confused with various unix commands as all they need to use is the webmail interface without having to know that they need to ssh into this box and type 'pine' or 'elm' or 'mutt' depending on what e-mail client they like using.

Neomail has a nice clean interface wich is also nice, as well as it reads unix mail spool files which means that staff don't need to have pop3 accounts.

I would highly recommend Neomail to everyone.

23 Jun 2000 14:24 halotwo

I stumbled across Neomail when I was looking for a nice mail to web gateway program. It installed with no hassle at all, and it looks great. I'm impressed.

23 May 2000 11:02 smccrory

Very nice program
I ran into Neomail while searching for a web interface to my mail system after trying 3 others. I can say that by far, Neomail was the easiest to install, had the fewest dependancies and the cleanest and most intuitive user interface of them all.


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